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In both owning and managing properties, Knightvest has an edge in maintaining costs and adding value throughout the life of investments. From initial evaluation to daily property management and maintenance, our team of experts all perform in dual service to maintain investor returns and enhance communities.

  • Community Area
  • Dining/Kitchen Area
  • Dining/Kitchen Area
  • Pool/Patio Area
  • Kitchen
  • Living Room Area
  • Pool Area
  • Kitchen Area

Capabilities Outline

Property Management
By directly managing properties Knightvest creates operational efficiencies that reduce costs, and empower managers to think and behave like owners, which ensures exceptional service and premium efficiency.
Construction Management
Knightvest controls construction costs and timelines through the standardization of practices and processes. By focusing on renovations that demonstrably impact revenues, we are able to provide superior quality control of operations and give residents a better quality of life.
Asset Management
Knightvest is ideally positioned to adapt to market conditions within its narrow focus of expertise. Standardized Capital Budget and Business Plan tracking makes new acquisitions—and their renovation and repositioning—seamless.
Standards and consistency are hallmarks of the training program for every internal stakeholder level, leading to a culture of accountability and a foundation for producing sustainable corporate leadership.
Acquisition Team
Knightvest has built an expert acquisitions team that targets off-market opportunities to maximize immediate value. The proprietary due diligence process minimizes uncertainty and ensures an advantageous financial structure.