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Intelligent. Entrepreneurial. Disciplined.

Founded in 2007, Knightvest coalesced around a simple idea—create exceptional returns for investors through a narrow focus on key markets — and do it with a high level of character and integrity.

Over a decade later, we can point to a proven track record of consistent results and consistent diligence. Knightvest has become a major player in repositioning multifamily assets by transforming more than 100 properties and consistently delivering exceptional returns for investors, and a better quality of life for our residents.

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Core Values

Our comprehensive capabilities are only effective when everyone operates according to the same ideals. Five fundamental values guide our professionals daily.

Remember Our Calling
Our function is to exceed stakeholder expectations, but our calling is to create exceptional places to live with amenities that rival new construction.
Lead with Character
Respect and integrity are the foundations of every successful deal and every interaction.
Continue Developing Culture
A culture is comprised of individuals, and communication is key to creating a rewarding workplace that values accountability, honesty, and attention to detail.
Offer Competitive Compensation
In order to maintain the organizational stakeholder chain with talented, performance-driven professionals, compensation and benefits should reflect our position as market leaders.
Flex Our Capabilities
Our core competencies complement each other daily. From financial management to customer service to safety, each of our comprehensive teams is asked to perform at their highest levels.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of experienced industry experts that is dedicated to the resident experience first and foremost. We invest in every community putting together a team that meets the high standards we set for ourselves. Every team member shows an exemplary level of professionalism, service, and integrity.


Apartment Life

Knightvest believes that fostering a great community atmosphere on all of our properties and taking care of our residents also helps improve our bottom line. Community is good for people and business, and it’s clear that community-building strategies are a key market differentiator in the multifamily industry.

Apartment communities are filled with people who are hungry for relationships, but one study suggests that half of apartment residents don't have any friends where they live. Apartment Life's passion is to meet that need while transforming lives and providing clear business value for our clients. Read more about how Apartment Life improves our resident retention and online reputation.

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